Plus, the designer teases his upcoming resort show in L.A.: “All I can say is it’s got a little bit of a burlesque feel to it.”

If an ice cream can be iconic, let it be the Magnum x Moschino collaboration. The Euro ice cream brand celebrated its new campaign with L.A.-meets-Milan designer Jeremy Scott and mega model Cara Delevingne (with her newly shaved head) at a splashy beachside party (though no one actually took a dip in the chilly waters) Thursday night. During the sweet soiree, the designer sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about directing, ‘gramming and casting Delevingne for his latest partnership.

The Hollywood Reporter: You’ve designed a car and a baby stroller, and now an ice cream campaign? It’s a little eclectic.

Jeremy Scott: I feel like creativity is like a water pitcher, I could pour it into a glass, I could pour it into the ocean, I could pour it into a garden and it’s still the same creativity. So I love the idea that a car or an ice cream or anything that I can be a part of people’s life outside of fashion. It’s just another opportunity to put my personality into something, thinking about different ways of expressing myself.

What was it like directing for the first time?

I love creating characters and I feel like I do that in my shows. To be able to bring them to life and to have it have a longevity — because fashion is so ephemeral and so fleeting — so the idea of cinema which has this lasting quality to it was so seductive. I’m always jealous of my friends that are musicians and they write a song and people love it and sing along with it for 20 years. I have to make new things every couple of months and try to make people fall in love with it again!

This is an Instagram-ready campaign.

We live in this world of Instagram and the way that images are transmitted. I mean, as soon as I walked away from the stage someone showed me a picture on Instagram of me and Cara. We don’t think of it as anything weird, but it is so weird! When I grew up and was so interested in fashion I would try to understand what was going on in Paris and Milan and New York through some words and maybe one photo. And now we can see it live or thumb through it on our iPad. It’s changed and altered the landscape for sure. I think a little bit of it is the right amount.

What made Cara the perfect fit for your film?

She really is the modern muse. Between her vulnerability and her strength, you really see a unique individual. When I was thinking about who would walk down this New York City street — even though we were on a set in L.A. — and have this confidence, she’s perfect. She’s beautiful but not intimidating. She’s sexy but she’s not vulgar. She’s intellectual but humorous. She’s a great mix of everything, and she’s my friend, and it’s always fun to work with your friends.

What’s in store for your resort show in L.A. June 8?

I have four or five more days of work in Milan [for Moschino] and then I go back to L.A., that’s the big thing I’m gearing up next. All I can say is it’s got a little bit of a burlesque feel to it.

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