Pitches have been pouring in since before the holidays and now CES is finally here. The official conference doesn’t kick off until Thursday, Jan. 5 but media are typically invited early for a sneak peek of what all the major tech companies have in store. This year, in fact, the media preview was extended by an extra day and many reporters, including THR‘s Carolyn Giardina, arrived in Las Vegas on Tuesday for the start of the press conferences.

Wednesday, the first full day of meetings and showcases, has only been underway for a few hours but already there’s been plenty of news. LG, this morning, unveiled its new top-of-the-line TV that is only one-tenth of an inch thick, has immersive sound and an HDR screen.

Meanwhile, another conference threatened to upstage CES for a little bit this morning. Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins spoke at the Citi Technology, Media and Telecommunications conference, which is also happening in Las Vegas, and revealed new details about the streamer’s forthcoming live TV product, including a price range, new features and a deal with CBS. Hulu will be offering invite-only demos during CES. 

On the docket this afternoon are big, must-see press conferences from Samsung and Sony. Samsung will try to distract techies from their exploding Note 7 phones with new QLED TVs. Meanwhile, Sony is keeping plans for its evening event quiet. 

Here are a few other trends that THR is keeping an eye out for this week in Las Vegas: 

  • High Dynamic Range will go hand in hand with many of the 4k Ultra HD TV announcements at CES, including this morning’s from LG. Many Hollywood tech execs believe HDR makes a noticeable improvement to its content. But at least for now, multiple formats means multiple masters will be needed.

  • Robots will be another trend this week at CES. LG introduced several including a small Hub Robot, an intelligent assistant for the home; an outdoor robot that can mow your lawn; and an Airport Guide Robot, which stands about 5-feet tall and can provide travelers with everything from gate information to weather forecasts at their travel destination.


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