Yoga With Adriene

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Yoga With Adriene

I love Yoga With Adriene with a passion – she’s the chill, friendly, and supportive instructor you always wanted. Her focus is on incorporating yoga into your everyday life (“find what feels good” is her motto), and if you’re lucky, her dog Benji might creep into shot.

Start here: Yoga to Get the Juices Flowing!

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Zombies, Run!

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Zombies, Run

Part podcast, part fitness app, Zombies, Run! is the only running plan I have ever stuck to. It’s free, you don’t have to run – you can walk if you want – and there are endless missions to try. The premise: You’re a survivor of a zombie outbreak, and every step you take brings you closer to collecting supplies for your base. It’s currently on Season 4, so there are plenty of plotlines to follow.

“But how can I do this at home?” you ask. All you need to do is move, so you could go up and down your stairs, run around the garden – or even walk up and down your street.

Download it here.

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Pilates pro (she’s a trained instructor) Cassey Ho has been on YouTube for a long time – since 2009! And she’s been repping positive, peppy, intense workouts since then. Though Cassey may smile throughout, these Pilates routines will put you through your paces.

Start here: Gorgeous Legs: Apartment-Friendly Cardio

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Seen on Screen

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I’ve written before about how much I enjoy Seen on Screen’s real-life classes, and they’re now offering online classes too. “Sweat” is a combo of cardio, barre, and dance and is super fun. It’s taught by a professional dancer, with lots of pep and common sense. It’s a one-off fee of £5 for the class, but you get unlimited streaming – which means you can repeat it again and again.

Start here: Sweat

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7. Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now

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Just Dance Now

This super-fun dance game will get your heart racing – it matches your phone with a computer (or tablet) and you match the dance moves to win points. Like Dance Dance Revolution, but in the privacy of your own home.

Get for Apple and Android.

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Kai Wheeler

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Kai’s all about exercises that don’t need much space or equipment. She’s clear and explains her movements in a really understandable way (hey, I can’t be the only one that gets confused when I’m told to “hinge at my hip”).

Start here: 5 Awesome At-Home No-Equipment Exercises

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