1. When he released his third mixtape, Coloring Book.

When he released his third mixtape, Coloring Book.

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Chance The Rapper

While Coloring Book was an exclusive Apple Music stream for its first two weeks, Chance still hasn’t made any of his music available for retail meaning it’s all still FREE FREE FREE. It also broke records being the first ever streaming-exclusive album to chart on Billboard.

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2. When he threw his own music festival.

The lineup included Alicia Keys, John Legend, and a surprise appearance by Kanye West.

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8. And of course this one.

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9. When he developed a bromance with President Obama.

Obama called Chance of his favorite rappers, invited him to his last state dinner, and they also sang “Jingle Bells” together at the White House tree lighting ceremony. “He’s a good man. Even if he wasn’t president, if his ass worked at, like, Red Lobster, he’d be just a good man working at Red Lobster,” Chance told GQ.

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10. When he made this Kit Kat commercial.

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16. When he was the last musical guest on Saturday Night Live for 2016.

He performed earlier in the year on the show when he joined Kanye for “Ultralight Beam” but he ended it on his own terms performing “Finish Line/Drown” with fellow Chicago rapper Noname and “Same Drugs.” He also bid farewell to Obama with a Run DMC inspired sketch.

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