1. A few abstract brushstrokes to highlight your back…

ID: 10072743

2. There’s also a colorful version that’s equally beautiful.

ID: 10074651

3. A dainty little number that adds interest to your elbow area.

ID: 10074695

4. An illuminated pearl.

ID: 10074668

5. An elegant key.

ID: 10074672

6. A hand tattoo that says it all.

ID: 10074708

7. A mesmerizing snake that twists around and around.

ID: 10073084

8. Two simple tats for your pagan heart.

ID: 10074648

9. Abstract faces that make it seem like you have more than one set of eyes in the back of your head.

ID: 10074658

10. A unique tree in winter.

ID: 10074687

11. A few darling blooms.

ID: 10074698

12. A beautiful geometric piece that’ll calm the soul.

ID: 10074777

13. A perfect silhouette.

ID: 10074796

14. A way to commemorate a loved one in the most beautiful script ever.

ID: 10074801

15. A simple yet striking finger tattoo.

ID: 10074810

16. A geometric bull that’s equal parts hard and soft.

ID: 10074830

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