jilluan1Local Monroe, Ga. Woman “Jilluan Roberts” Defrauds Atlanta Businessman Out of $14,500. The local business owner wants to remain annonymous, but we’ve been provided text messages from the defendant. The local businessman is planning to sue Jilluan Roberts.  She lied about her identity and persuaded the local business owner to exhaust his funds to help her get an insurance settlement check. After she agreed to split the settlement check, the local business owner stated she never answered the phone and avoided him everyday after the check was received. When we receive more information on this story, we’ll post it. Until then, business owners must take note and never enter into business without written contracts. This could save a lot of money and headaches.

Public Records On “Jilluan Roberts” via Monroe PD

  • Stopping suspicious vehicle on S.Broad St at Wells Fargo Jilluan Roberts arrested for DUI (.149) Suspended License, no Insurance, Improper Stopping on Roadway, and Failure to Maintain Lane and Floyd County warrants case.