Harmony Drive – See You

Harmony Drive is a pop-rock band hailing from Norway.

With their much-anticipated single ‘See you’ just recently released, Harmony Drive have now showcased their exploration into new territory, transcending their love for heavy metal and embracing her passion for beautiful, airy melodies

The track is uplifting and bright; with a positive energy that is so infectious it will make you smile. This stunningly melodic have poignant lyrics that explores the theme of love and relationships. The music is easy to connect to, and their dynamic instrumentals make each listen a joy to experience.

Harmony Drive reminds me of early Coldplay records,  and the upbeat pop energy of ‘See You’ sounds like a more mature Jason Mraz jamming with The Fray.

‘See You’ is a great tune that leaves the listener hungry for more – I am excited to hear what Harmony Drive in store for us all!