Courtesy of TIFF

What’s in a name? Would Pretty Woman have worked with it’s original title 3000, in reference to the amount of money paid for a week’s worth of company from the prostitute played by Julia Roberts? What about Will Smith’s Hancock if it had gone by the cringe-inducing Tonight, He Comes? Or even Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, which was originally called All You Need is Kill, after the book on which it was based? Probably not, which is why all of those, and many other films have gone through title changes on their way to the big screen.

Other films that have altered their previously well-known moniker prior to their release include Scream (originally Scary Movie, until inspiration struck in a Michael Jackson video of the same name); War Dogs (formerly Arms and the Dudes); Arrival (aka Story of Your Life) and Begin Again, known as Can a Song Save Your Life? as recently as its Toronto Film Festival debut roughly 10 months before its release.

Take a look back at the stories behind the title changes of these and other movies.

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