messengerneef11Messenger Neef is a west side native of Chicago.  Neef has sold over a 175000 copies of his music hand 2 hand in the Chicagoland area and multiple cities and states so being in the   public eye is something Neef is not a stranger to.

 As neef delivers his message through his unique, crispy, witty and proverbial flow, he seeks to leave and have a major impact on the hip hop industry by providing club bangers street anthems and heart felt joints.
Messenger Neef credits his love for music to his upbringing in church and his ability for songwriting from his mom. neef also has numerous influences in the game from 2 PAC, Biggie, nature nas busta rhymes and canibus. neef also had performed in numerous open mics, showcases and has received airplay on his major local radio stations. with him calling himself the God of the streets, I think the industry has just received their blessings.
Artist Name: Messenger Neef
Track Name: Catch It
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