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It was like 80 degrees out yesterday. This isn’t really that out of the ordinary for the end of May, but for whatever reason it struck me as momentous.

I realized I needed to start wearing my summer layers right now, while it’s only around 80 and the humidity is low, so I can get used to them before it gets really hot. That’s an insider tip right there. Real editors are wearing mid-length cotton coats on beautiful 75 degree nights, just so they can look a little less humid in July.

We all make weird style decisions in the summer. I refused to wear shorts for like 8 years of my life. I can never get those years of making my summers sweatier than they needed to be back. It’s okay, some people inexplicably wear flip flops instead of slides in the summer. Don’t be friends with those people.

Instead of slides or flip flops, buy yourself a pair of adidas Gazelles. Because you never know when you will get chased. And also because Gazelles are fucking perfect. They should be in the MoMa. I wore Gazelles this one season of indoor, and it was the season I convinced everyone to get longsleeve jerseys because longsleeve soccer jerseys are infinitely better than all other jersey iterations. We looked fucking amazing you guys. Amazing. Just like these sneakers.

I was going to write something about these street style photographers talking about their favorite subjects to shoot, but none of them mentioned me so fuck that.

I like this editorial from Meyvn. It feels very much like your college roommate’s older cousin or friend who comes to visit and doesn’t actually hang out with you that much, but has better versions of your favorite drugs and act like they forget them on that weird scrap of particle board you call a coffee table, but really they just feel bad for their younger cousin.

Speaking of drugs on coffee tables, A Kind of Guise fired out yet another strong editorial for the internet to archive. I think it’s the short sleeve patterned shirt that makes me think of drugs on coffee tables.

Also, if you’re trying to come up with like, an internet thing to make a lil bit of money on, you should probably do an Instagram account that’s just shots of drugs on coffee tables throughout the world. The name should be some play on the ‘gram’ in Instagram. It will come in handy when potential employers ask you what you mean by “ideation” on your resume. Thank me for that one later.

Instead of creating any sort of marketable body of work, I just spend my days trying to figure out how to raise bees, grow artisanal organic cannabis, and get featured in all sorts of obscure lifestyle magazines. Imagine how dope I would look inspecting my top shelf cannabis fields in these olive drab sneakers with a classy ass font superimposing a really laconic quote over the whole thing. Picture it. Right now.

See you guys next week. Unless someone gives me some land to live out my agrarian dreams. Actually, I’d still see you next week, but I’d be a little more braggy about my lifestyle.

— Jon Moy

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